All right then. It would seem our discussion of the pros and cons of those extra-noisy Harley Davidsons has gone on about long enough. I move for a vote.

If you believe that  the minority of Harley riders who install roar-boosting pipes or rev the engine to make it rumble do that purely because they’re concerned about their safety and want to make certain that drivers of cars and trucks are aware of their presence, raise your hand.

Good. And if you think that intentionally clamorous Harley riders simply love the song of their hogs and savor it even more if it rattles, frightens, wakes up or annoys people, or sets off their dogs or their car alarms,  raise your hand.

Not even close. 

We’re on to those motorcycle riders who,  just like the needy car owners who jack up their stereo systems and crank them up so loud that it causes the car in the next lane to vibrate, yearn to be noticed and figure that negative attention is better than none at all.

So, we’ve settled that issue. What’s next?