Longtime waiters Daniel Byrne and Mark McKenzie won’t be serving on Thanksgiving.
After waiting tables for a combined 80 or so years, they’ll celebrate the holiday and their retirements with dinner at Equus.

“We kind of consider ourselves the Sunshine Boys of the restaurant business in Sonoma County,” said Daniel, who started out wrapping potatoes in foil at Sizzler in 1965. He went on to Mark West Lodge, Los Robles, The Fairmont in San Francisco, The Hilltopper, John Ash.

McKenzie was at John Ash, too, before starting a 25-year career at La Gare. His buddy Byrne offered a seasoned insider’s tip for getting exceptional service.

When the server first greets you, Byrne advised, tell him or her, “Don’t worry about us. We’re fine, take your time.”