Are you keeping track of all these frightening incidents involving seniors who hit the gas pedal by mistake and crash into buildings, objects or people?

At Copperfield’s Books in Montgomery Village on Saturday, a Subaru driven by an elderly woman crashed through the glass doors and a storefront window. Two customers were hurt though, thank goodness, not badly.

This type of low-speed but terrifying accident is happening frequently, and I’m afraid it’s  going to become more common as the ranks of elderly drivers swells. Just in the last few months, Janine Faloni of Windsor lost part of a leg, a parking meter came crashing through a front window at Railroad Square’s Omelette Express and I was almost crushed against a Kenwood grocery store when cars driven by older drivers hurdled over curbs.

I’m not on a vendetta against seniors who drive cars; God willing, I’ll soon enough be one. But I do think that aged drivers who’ve accidentally hit the accelerator instead of the brake, or who’ve had near-misses or other scary incidents behind the wheel, need to ask themselves if they really should still be driving.

What if the woman who mistakenly drove into  Copperfield’s the other day had killed or grievously injured someone?

The grown children and friends of elderly drivers showing signs of serious impairment need to step up and provide rides or other alternate transportation, before something terrible happens.

And if someone would invent a device for preventing drivers from accidentally accelerating when they mean to brake, they’d become rich and win the admiration of a world made safer.