What a lovely, exhilarating telephone chat I just had with Ursuline High grad (Class of ’08) Lauren Morehouse, who’s in London and expecting the royal wedding to be something she’ll remember forever.

Lauren is a junior at the University of Notre Dame and she’s in London working as an intern for a member of Parliament. She called it “by far the best experience of my life.”

Her Parliament security badge entitled her enter a drawing for a ticket to a prime street-scene viewing area in the front courtyard of the Parliament building. She and a friend both won one.

“We’ll have an unobstructed view” of the royal wedding procession, she said.

She is very excited.

“When was  the last time there was an event like this?” she said. She’s thinking it’s pretty special “to be able to say for the rest of my life that I was there when William and Kate got married.”

I asked her what the wedding represents for the Britons she talks to and works with. She said it seems to her that the typical Londoner is not much invested in the monarchy but will watch the wedding mostly for the entertainment value.

“It’s an excuse to get off work and have a party,” she said.

Lauren knows people who will camp out on the street in order to get a decent vantage point, so she’s thrilled to have a ticket for a reserved seat. She’s looking forward to the running commentary from the people she works with.

“It will be fun to be with them and hear their take on it, ” Lauren said. “People in Parliament tend to be very opinionated.”