Horses in Sonoma County, a major equestrian center, have a lot of important friends. Among those who showed up at a high-spirited and delicious benefit dinner Sunday afternoon in Sebastopol were district attorney-elect Jill Ravitch and County Supervisor Efren Carrillo.

The strong turnout at the dinner should serve as a warning to anyone who’s inclined to mistreat or neglect horses hereabouts: People of action are watching and are ready to take action to assure that the poor treatment ends.

The benefit at the Sebastopol Veterans Memorial Building was hosted by CHANGE, a three-year-old organization committed to providing care for mistreated horses and helping authorities bringing the justice the people guilty of the abuse, neglect or abandoment of the animals.

CHANGE¬† (www.¬† is providing foster care and other essential, livesaving services to mistreated horses, and it needs help. If you’re a horse lover, you might check out the outfit that put on a heck of a nice dinner in Sebastopol on Sunday, and consider making a donation or helping in some other way to provide a good, safe place for a horse in need of one.

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