Thank goodness, after decades of rumors of ritual sacrifice, sinister schemes and other bad behavior at the midsummer Bohemian Grove encampment near Monte Rio, the truth will be revealed tonight (Thursday, Jan. 27) on television.
Author/sleuth Brad Meltzer reports on the History channel on what his team uncovered on its fact-finding journey to western Sonoma County.  Apparently, the team succeeded in getting itself arrested, presumably for trespassing onto the Bohemian Club of San Francisco’s redwood camp on the Russian River.
What the crew dug up about allegations of dark practices at the Grove, we shall see. Given that “Brad Meltzer’s Decoded” savors issues such as whether aliens came to Earth to coach early humans and whether the Statue of Liberty wears weird symbols placed by a secret society bent on world domination, we might not expect a serious examination into tales of villainy within the Bohemian Grove.
Longtime Grove critic Mary Moore of Camp Meeker was interviewed at length by Meltzer’s people for tonight’s episode.
“I don’t know what to expect,” she said. “It’s a Hollywood thing, which is why I’m not staking my life on it.”

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